Tanabe Reservoir Update

The final construction at this site, which will occur from July to November of 2017, is a $5 million investment into the property that will facilitate future operation of the reservoir. As you can see from the map, Denver Water is working on the existing fence, putting in road improvements and adding a few water control structures. Another major part of the project not seen on the map is a large amount of electrical work that will need to happen before they can operate the reservoir.

map of updated reservoir

They will be replacing the fence running along property lines adjacent to Belle Creek homes, southeast of the reservoir. They will remove the current 6’ fence, create a 6’ rock-covered fire break and then install a new 8’ fence at the edge of the firebreak (6’ from the current fence position.) The reasons for this change in fencing are:

  1. To ensure the safety of the public and to deter individuals from entering the property.
  2. To create a fire break to enhance the safety of the neighborhood from potential grass fires.
  3. To meet perimeter regulations for operational reservoirs.

Residents can expect an increase in construction traffic and a visible presence of construction at the site. Feel free to contact Laurie Tatlock if you have questions.